a few of my favourite things December 08 2014

I was asked to choose a 'few of my favourite things' for a recent interview so I thought I would share them with you...

Minton: Venus at Bath

I love this Minton sculpture of Venus at Bath. I think it's one of the most exquisite works of parian that I've seen. I picked it up during my time as an antiques dealer and just couldn't resist keeping it for my own collection.  

Hille Sideboard

This 1950s Hille sideboard was a feature in my childhood home which was where, as I grew up, I learned an appreciation for beautiful things - art, design, antiques, jewellery, architecture (I could go on and on). It now sits in my home (although for how long I don't know as one of my daughters has had her eye on it for a number of years!) 


I have a little pied à terre on the beautiful island of Majorca. The reason I love Majorca so much isn't just for its stunning landscape but for the rich culture that it oozes. I recently went to the Joan Miró museum for the first time. Despite visiting the island for over 28 years, I'm still find new points of interest that I didn't know about.


I've been an avid fan of Diane Von Furstenberg since my early twenties (and still have some of the dresses I used to wear!) I admire her eye for detail. Whenever I'm in New York I visit her Meatpacking District store to buy pieces for my wardrobe that season.  


I've always loved cycling but cycling in Glasgow* is very different to cycling in London - it took me until this year to feel confident enough to cycle here. I bought myself a Brompton this year and thoroughly enjoy the freedom it gives me. 


If you have any questions for me, please drop me a line at info@susancaplan.co.uk.



*Susan was based in Glasgow for 25 years before moving back to her native London in 2008.